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Media Protection

CMMC Level


800-171 Control #


CMMC Description

Limit access to CUI on system media to authorized users.

CMMC Clarification

Limit physical access to CUI to people permitted to access CUI. Use locked or controlled storage areas and limit access to only those allowed to access CUI. Keep track of who accesses physical CUI in some sort of record. Example Your organization has CUI for a specific Army contract. The Army gave you the CUI on a CD. You store the CD in a locked drawer. The only employees with access to the drawer are those assigned to the project. They are the only people allowed to access CUI. When someone removes the CD for work, they sign it out with their name and time. When they return the CD to the locked drawer, they sign it back in.

800-171 Description

Limit access to CUI on system media to authorized users.

800-171 Discussion

Access can be limited by physically controlling system media and secure storage areas. Physically controlling system media includes conducting inventories, ensuring procedures are in place to allow individuals to check out and return system media to the media library, and maintaining accountability for all stored media. Secure storage includes a locked drawer, desk, or cabinet, or a controlled media library.

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NIST CSF Control References

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NIST CSF Control Reference


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Modification of NIST 800-171B Reference

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MP.2.120.[a] access to CUI on system media is limited to authorized users.

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