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Paragone CIO Support Model

RMF Authorization & Continuous Monitoring

Risk Management Framework Engineering Support

Training E-Learning & Training Management

Requirements Definition, Content Development, Live & E-Learning Delivery


STRATCOM, IT Program, & Organizational Transformation Communications

Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health

Anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace environmental factors

Studies & Analysis

Critical Decision-Making Support Services


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Project Integration

Ensuring requirements and outcomes are continuously aligned

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Scope Management

Maintain focus on identified requirements and authorized deviations

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Plan Velocity

Enhance and continuously refine schedules accelerating outcomes

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Cost Control

Maximize value received through rigorous direct and indirect cost control

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Quality Integration

Aligning, monitoring and controlling the integration of processes and human capital

Asset 7@0.75x


Ensure timely procurement of human capital and technology resources

Asset 10@0.75x

Enhanced Communications

Enhance communications across programs and teams improving productivity and mission outcome

Asset 9@0.75x

Risk Management

Identify and proactively manage risks minimizing delays and cost overruns

Asset 8@0.75x


Identify, engage, and manage stakeholder expectations enhancing outcomes

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