Service Desk

Many service providers guarantee that your call will be answered promptly—but by whom? At SecureITSM, we offer a US-based desk that is part of our IT service delivery and support ecosystem. Our service desk is built around our concept of integrating security into all aspects of our IT Service Management ecosystem. Our service desk responds to all security alerts, disruptions of IT services, or end-user requests. The Service Desk is the first point of contact when an end-user has an issue or needs to support installing software, adding a new print driver, or changing a laptop’s configuration. Our Service Desk is one of the most significant benefits of a managed service provider. With SecureITSM, you only get the best support service!

Application Install on PCs

Industry best practices and most security plans require end-users to NOT have administrator privileges on their PCs. In order to install applications, the user must contact the Service Desk. A SecureITSM agent will validate the installation authorization and then remotely access the PC and facilitate the application installation.

Computer BIOS Updating

Just as outdated software patches are often a critical point of environment vulnerability, hardware “Basic Input/Output System” (BIOS) is the “firmware” that controls hardware devices. It is stored in a chip on the motherboard of the device. When you start your computer, firewall, etc., the device uses the BIOS to control basic functions. Device BIOSs must be updated on a regular basis as defined by the device vendor.

“Enterprise” grade device normally have an application that monitors and upgrades the device’s BIOS. Consumer grade devices (e.g. inexpensive laptops) must be manually updated or cannot be updated at all.

Network & VPN Management

Want to keep your IT environment running at top performance? Managed services provide around-the-clock monitoring and management of all the components in your network, including routers, firewalls, and switches. Our automated systems detect and report failures of devices and connections as we proactively monitor your computers, servers, and other network elements .

New User Onboarding

SecureITSM works with our customers to onboard a new user. We can configure a user’s PC and 365 environment permissions remotely or at our location (and then shipped to the new users when configured). Note, if SecureITSM configures the PC remotely, customer rep is required to provide certain physical interactions with the PC as guided by our Service Desk agent. A checklist is used to determine the new user’s permissions, required applications, etc.

Office Wireless Network Management

Office networks access, almost all of which today are accessed via wireless networking, can be simple, consisting of a single secure PW and ID or complex, using multifactor authentication and wireless facility roaming linked to their Office 365 credentials. Roaming across facilities allows an employee to go to any organizational office and log into the wireless network with just their Office 365 credentials. SecureITSM works with our customers to develop the appropriate solution based on requirements, budget, and customer preference.

Premise Server Management

One of the most important ways service providers can protect your business from cyberattacks is to keep your software and operating systems updated. Not only do you miss out on new features, but you also open the door wide to hackers looking for less vigilant companies. If you lack the staff to manage this on a regular basis, we will take over responsibility for this critical task to ensure business continuity with automated software updates, patch solutions, and security updates, including antivirus and antispam.

Remote PC Repair & Support

The most commonly serviced tech support issues are end-user-related, such as inability to connect to the internet, a slow or “frozen” computer, lost passwords, inability to print, or difficulty logging in. We can solve these IT problems remotely using tools that allow full access to your network and systems. Remote support technology services include installation of software, cloud services, advanced troubleshooting and repairs of applications, and more— ultimately saving time and money.

Shared-Drive Permissions Management

Similar to customizing SharePoint site data store permissions, using Active Directory or Azure Active Directory security groups shared drives can have selective access authorizations. These security groups can be tailored to grant access to individual folders, subfolders, or even entire drives.

Sharepoint Permissions Management

Office 365 SharePoint is a great way to securely store organizational data. Additionally, access to data stores can be selectively controlled using role-based authorization and Azure Active Directory security groups. SharePoint can also be integrated with OneDrive, Teams, and Azure, creating highly customizable information management systems.

For organizations looking to build out a corporate internal management portal, SecureITSM can configure SharePoint into a highly customized intranet portal supporting employee self-service activities (e.g. obtaining and submitting a change of address form).

SecureITSM also has SharePoint templates that can be customized into an ISO 9001:2015 information management system. Our ISO 9001 SharePoint sites rapidly facilitate certification approval.