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Effective Managed IT Solutions

Don’t let your organization get bogged down in IT challenges that distract from your mission. Secure ITSM is here to keep your IT operating smoothly and securely so you can focus on what’s most important: growing your business.

Support for Anywhere Operations

Our solutions support a “digital first, remote first” operational model incorporating physical office space and data centers as appropriate.

Predefined Secure IT Operational Models

Predefined IT operational models with key elements already developed allow us to deliver secure compliance services at affordable price points.

Best-in-Breed Cloud & Premise IT Solutions

SecureITSM integrates best-in-breed cloud and premise services into predefined secure IT models.

Meshed Cybersecurity

A “defense-in-depth” approach combined with a distributed architecture deploying security mechanisms across threat vectors and protecting information stores.

Integrated Compliance

By combining predefined secure IT models and a compliance database, we significantly reduce compliance overhead costs.

Benefits of Working With Paragone

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Project Integration

Ensuring requirements and outcomes are continuously aligned.

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Scope Management

Maintain focus on identified requirements and authorized deviations.

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Plan Velocity

Enhance and continuously refine schedules accelerating outcomes.

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Enhanced Communications

Enhance communications across programs and teams improving productivity and mission outcome.

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Risk Management

Identify and proactively manage risks minimizing delays and cost overruns.

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Identify, engage, and manage stakeholder expectations enhancing outcomes.

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Cost Control

Maximize value received through rigorous direct and indirect cost control.

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Quality Integration

Aligning, monitoring and controlling the integration of processes and human capital.

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Ensure timely procurement of human capital and technology resources.